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News Headlines - HVCC appraisal


Federal regulators mull appraisal-free mortgages for some loans
“The most important part of the appraisal is the comments section about conditions, upgrades, amenities or if a property is falling off its foundation,” said Lance Siegel, president of HVCC Appraisal Ordering in Lake Forest. No appraisal means no real ...


Fannie Mae CEO: We're focused on reducing appraisal turnaround times
None other than Andrew Cuomo with his HVCC that morphed into Dodd-Frank and the creation of AMC's paying "cram down" fees that caused the appraisal profession into reduced profits and the decline of appraisers available which created the shortage ...

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Appraisal Buzz (press release) (blog)

An appraiser's thoughts on the repeal of Dodd-Frank
Appraisal Buzz (press release) (blog)
Will things go back to the way they were before Dodd-Frank, or even before the HVCC (Home Valuation Code of Conduct)? What about those unintended consequences that arose from these two pieces of legislation? It's anyone's guess as to what Donald ...

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Appraisal Buzz (press release) (registration) (blog)

Challenges and Changes of a Real Estate Appraiser
Appraisal Buzz (press release) (registration) (blog)
Crabtree: Speaking as a residential appraiser, I would opine that the one specific thing that changed the profession forever was the advent of HVCC / Dodd-Frank that gave rise to Appraisal Management Companies. Not until Dodd-Frank is either repealed ...

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How Does The Dodd-Frank Act Impact The Appraisal Process?
Prior to the Dodd-Frank Act, the appraisal process was most recently regulated by the terms of the 2009 Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC), which required that mortgage lenders use a third party when obtaining an appraiser to complete an appraisal.

Mansion Global

What Luxury Buyers Need to Know About the Appraisal Process
Mansion Global
“Whether we're hired by an individual or by a bank, our task is to determine the current market value of a property,” said Jonathan Miller, the president and CEO of Manhattan-based residential appraisal and consultancy firm, Miller Samuel Inc., “which ...

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Freddie and Fannie's appraisal-free mortgages to slash closing times
Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, government-owned entities that buy a large share of U.S. mortgages from lenders, are taking a big step toward alleviating this pain by eliminating the need for lenders to use a traditional appraisal when underwriting certain ...

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How to deal with low-ball appraisals
Or, 'Thank you for not allowing the lender (to take too much risk,” said Lance Siegel, president of Lake Forest-based HVCC Appraisal Ordering Inc. Siegel, who provides appraisal management services nationwide, has 250 independent appraisers on his ...

Mortgage News Daily

Congress Hears Appeals to Fix Dysfunctional Appraisal System
Mortgage News Daily
Insure the independence of the appraisal process. "The Home Valuation Code of Conduct (HVCC) and subsequently the AIR (appraisal independence requirements) components of Dodd Frank left an indelible mark on the appraisal profession. For the past 9 ...

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HousingWire (blog)

The highly contested state of the appraisal market and where it's headed
HousingWire (blog)
This time around the webinar features experts Anthony Roveda, director of Valuation Solutions with MasterServ Financial, Jonathan Miller, real estate appraiser and consultant with Miller Samuel and Matt Simmons, commercial and residential appraiser ...

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