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News Headlines - Robert Shiller


Robert Shiller: Fear of robots is driving the market rally
Robert Shiller is well-known for his views on valuation, volatility, dividends and bubbles. But when asked what currently worries him most, the Yale professor of economics turned to another subject entirely. "A theme that I have been coming back to is ...
Robert Shiller Explains What Keeps Him Up At NightBenzinga

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The market risk that makes Nobel laureate Robert Shiller 'lie awake worrying'
The Nobel laureate says low volatility paired with a questionable price-earnings ratio could wipe out a chunk of the stock market's value. "The price increase just went step-by-step with the earnings increase. I think it's an overreaction to good ...

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Yahoo Finance

Robert Shiller and Jeremy Siegel tell us what they think of each other's market forecasts
Yahoo Finance
Robert Shiller, a Nobel Prize-winning economist and Yale professor, warns that the stock market is in dangerous territory. Jeremy Siegel, the legendary Wharton finance professor and MIT classmate of Shiller's, thinks we could see the Dow rally to 24 ...

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Yahoo Finance

Jeremy Siegel and Robert Shiller tell us what's next for the economy
Yahoo Finance
The US economy has been expanding for eight years. This recovery has been accompanied with the bull market which has sent stocks to all-time highs. So, what's next for the economy and the markets? “You have to remember that we have had a historic ...

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Social Europe

Why Do Cities Become Unaffordable?
Social Europe
Inequality is usually measured by comparing incomes across households within a country. But there is also a different kind of inequality: in the affordability of homes across cities. The impact of this form of inequality is no less worrying. In many of ...

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Yahoo Finance

Investors feel crummy about how expensive they've made stocks
Yahoo Finance
“Now we've come back to another low-valuation confidence,“ Shiller continued. “I can tell you that people think the market is highly valued and what they think matters for their behavior. So it looks like we might be more back to 1999 than we are ...

New York Times

The Transformation of the 'American Dream'
New York Times
“The American Dream is back.” President Trump made that claim in a speech in January. They are ringing words, but what do they mean? Language is important, but it can be slippery. Consider that the phrase, the American Dream, has changed radically ...


Opinion: US stock valuations haven't been this extreme since 1929 and 2000
GMO uses these four components to try to peer into the future by analyzing the historical cycle of profits, and the firm's forecasts often resemble the signals of Robert Shiller's “cyclically adjusted PE ratio” or CAPE, which compares current stock ...


Market 'melt-up' could push stocks to new records, including an S&P 500 rally of 8%
Nobel laureate and Yale University Economics Professor Robert Shiller told CNBC last week that he will "lie awake worrying" about the stock market. "We have seen phenomenal earnings growth right now. Analysts are forecasting a continuation of that.

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History says there's a 99% chance stock market returns will be subpar from here
Analysts at Goldman Sachs Asset Management pointed out that S&P 500 10-year annualized returns were in the single digits or negative 99 percent of the time when starting with valuations at current levels. The S&P 500 has had a banner year thus far but ...

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