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News Headlines - Case-Shiller P/E

Lombardi Letter

Overvalued Stocks a Burning Wick That Will Ignite a Stock Market Crash
Lombardi Letter
According to the Case Shiller CAPE P/E Ratio, the S&P 500 is overvalued by more than 80%. The CAPE ratio compares current prices to average earnings over the last 10 years. The ratio is currently at 28.85; the long-term average is 16. That means that ...


Guarding Wealth: When will the stock market bubble pop?
The Case Shiller p/e is a meaningful ratio. When it is very low, as it was in the first quarter of 2009 at 13.3 when the market had crashed more than 50 per cent from its 2007 peak, it was a good time to buy. Now, with the CAPE more than twice as high ...

Lombardi Letter

US Economy Feels The Wrath of the Tech Bubble and Housing Bubble
Lombardi Letter
The stock market—and in particular, technology stocks—continues to trade near record levels and the U.S. housing market is closing in on record 2008 housing bubble levels. On the surface, technology stocks and the U.S. housing market appear to be in ...

5 Consumer Discretionary Stocks to Buy as GDP Projections Rise
Even as enthusiasm over President Trump's economic proposals begins to fade, speculation about the first quarter GDP reading is gaining currency. A sizeable swathe of economists believes that the current quarter's growth is likely to be soft, carrying ...

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Lombardi Letter

Gold to Soar Past $1500 per Ounce as 2017 Shapes Up to Be Start of Gold Bull Market
Lombardi Letter
It would have been difficult to predict what precious metals like gold and silver were going to do in 2016; gold started out strong, but Donald Trump's unexpected election win in November weighed down gold prices for the remainder of the year. It's a ...

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Home-building and real estate ETFs rise after Case-Shiller data
According to the S&P Case-Shiller index, home prices rose 0.6% in October, having risen 5.1% over the past year. The cost of housing has surged in part because of rising demand triggered by an improved economy, as well as a shortage of homes available ...

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Tijd om te gaan verkopen - Telegraaf.nl

Appraisers forums (Discuss anything appraisal related)


Tijd om te gaan verkopen
Het geeft mij een deja-vu gevoel met de jaren negentig van de vorige eeuw. De markt gedraagt zich alsof het nooit meer gaat dalen. De waarderingen voor aandelen zijn inmiddels behoorlijk opgelopen. Volgens de Case-Shiller index staat de P/E ratio voor ...

Lombardi Letter

Don't Bet Against a Stock Market Crash in 2017
Lombardi Letter
The Case-Shiller P/E ratio is excellent at showing investors how overvalued stocks are, but it isn't a Magic 8 Ball that predicts when the markets will tank. It does have history on its side, however, and history tells us that the S&P 500 has only ...

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ETF Daily News (blog)

Junior Gold Miners ETF A Top Pick For 2017
ETF Daily News (blog)
Now, there is nothing I would love to do this last day of the trading year than put on a massive bet against the stock markets for January but the problem is that you just cannot. Are the markets overvalued based up the Case Shiller P/E at 28.2 times ...

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Lombardi Letter

Warren Buffett Indicator Predicts Stock Market Crash in 2017
Lombardi Letter
What are the top stock market predictions for 2017? When it comes to predicting the stock market, few are as accurate as Warren Buffett, the third-wealthiest person in the world, worth an estimated $60.8 billion. In 2016, a year that saw the S&P 500 ...
Warren Buffett says the US will do fine under Trump because we've got the 'secret sauce'CNBC

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