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News Headlines - Gary Shilling


3 Things Central Bankers Don't Get About Wages
Wages have been either stagnant or declining in the U.S. and other developed economies for more than a decade once inflation is taken into account. Yet, the Federal Reserve and other major central banks remain convinced labor markets are tight, and ...

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The Coming Boom of Productivity Will Get Our Economy Back On Track
My good friend Gary Shilling draws some crucial distinctions with respect to wage and jobs and explains why our perplexing US labor market is actually quite rational. Gary and I share a fundamental optimism regarding our prospects for long-term ...

Swedroe: Grading The Forecasters
Gary Shilling, Forbes columnist and president of A. Gary Shilling & Co. His score was just 34%. Abby Joseph Cohen, recently retired from her position as president of Goldman Sachs' Global Market Institute. Her score was just 34%. Robert Prechter ...


Six Things Central Bankers Don't Get About Wages
(Bloomberg View) -- Wages have been either stagnant or declining in the U.S. and other developed economies for more than a decade once inflation is taken into account. Yet, the Federal Reserve and other major central banks remain convinced labor ...

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Is It Time to Return to Active Stock-Picking?
One possible explanation, as economist A. Gary Shilling writes in his latest monthly report: “Higher pay attracts new workers who otherwise are comfortable drawing welfare, unemployment, and disability.” The headline (U3) unemployment rate remains a ...

Move Smartly

Why Aren't Average Incomes Rising More Rapidly?
Move Smartly
I have read many theories about why average wages aren't rising as expected and a recent article, Wages vs. Jobs by Gary Shilling, offers particularly valuable insight. His observations focus on the U.S. labour market, but much of what he says also ...

Bloomberg View Radio: Weekend Edition for the Week of 8-5-17
Guests: Gary Shilling, President of A. Gary Shilling & Co., and a columnist for Bloomberg View: "Six Things Central Bankers Don't Get About Wages." Frank Wilkinson, an editor for Bloomberg View: "McCain Points Way to Better Health Care and Senate.

Six Things Central Banks Don't Get About Wages, Part 2
(Bloomberg View) -- On Monday, I examined three significant economic changes that have contributed to wage stagnation in recent years: globalization, ample global supplies of employable people and machines, and surplus U.S. labor. Here are three more.

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Gary Shilling: 9 Reasons Why Consumers Aren't Spending Their Cash
Consumer confidence and retail sales have not moved in tandem of late. Since the U.S. economic expansion started in mid-2009, a gauge of confidence has risen sharply from a low of 25.3 in December 2008 to 120 in April, and has accelerated recently.


Long Term Economic and Investment Themes, Part 2
Be bearish about the Asian Century, keep an eye on deflation and don't give up on Treasury bonds. by. A. Gary Shilling. @agaryshilling More stories by A. Gary Shilling. 5. Tue May 16 2017 03:00:25 GMT-0700 (PDT). The Shanghai skyline is still impressive.

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